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Creating a personalized mobile support program

Personalized support allows people with opioid dependence to customize their experience to meet their specific needs and goals. An active support network, refill reminder, and recovery journal can be valuable components of an effective treatment plan. Most mobile devices include or provide access to apps that allow people with opioid dependence to create a program that provides the support they need—anywhere, anytime.

Some people lean on their friends and family during their recovery process, while others prefer the confidentiality of a counselor. Whatever their role, involving people who address different social, emotional, and medical issues during the recovery process will help someone in treatment cope with difficulties, such as triggers and relapse, that may arise.

A support network may include
  • A primary care doctor or addiction specialist
  • Therapist, psychologist, or counselor
  • Family and friends
  • Support groups

Mobile reminder apps can help with remembering a doctor's appointment, to refill a medication, or other events that contribute to recovery. Most mobile devices include a standard reminder tool, and many more are available for free through the major mobile app stores.

A journal can play a valuable role in the recovery process. Recording thoughts and emotions throughout the recovery process can raise awareness of potential triggers and pitfalls, while tracking daily victories can help to illuminate the progress that is being made.


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